A la Carte? No, it’s A la Doula!!

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Personalized Birth Services

Private In-home Childbirth Education- This course is designed to make childbirth education easily accessible, personalized, and fun. Schedule the course at your convenience and your doula will come to you. We will cover the labor A-Z, medical interventions you need to know about, and comfort techniques. Take a class on your schedule in the comfort of your home and have it tailored to you. —$175 (5 hrs)

Private In-home Breastfeeding Class- This course is a basic benefits of breastfeeding class. You will also learn about latching and positions, managing pumped breast milk, common problems w/ breastfeeding, and reading baby’s cues. Can be taken pre or postpartum. —$75 (2 hrs)

Birth Plan Assistance- Use this session for assistance creating your birth plan for discussion with your physician or midwife. You can also use this session to learn how to communicate your birth needs and expectations to other members of your support team. I will show you how a birth plan helps you take control of your birth experience. —$75 (2hrs)

Doula In a Pinch- Are you late in your pregnancy (36+ weeks) and realizing you need a doula? Maybe you and your support team decided you aren’t comfortable going it alone; maybe your care plan has changed (induction, planned cesarean) and you want extra support; maybe you’re in labor now and could use a doula’s tlc. Contact me here to talk about your needs. I want to support you no matter how far along you are. —$1095.00 *full fee due at time of hire

Postpartum by the Hour- Sometimes you just need someone to stop by and reassure you on this postpartum journey. Sometimes you need someone who will take over baby care so you can complete tasks or take a shower and nap. Maybe you’re single or your partner is back at work and you could use an extra set of hands. Need assistance getting yourself and/or baby to and from appointments? Schedule this time for such moments.—$25/hr, 2 hr minimum