Yes! Anya is so caring and compassionate and knowledgeable! This was our first child and I really wanted someone to be there and support my husband when I entered “the zone”. My experience was so amazing to me and I’m definitely grateful for her!
— Mahalia S.

The VirtualDoula Package


The VirtualDoula package is for the mom who is in need of doula services without the physical presence of the doula during labor. Maybe you’re only interested in the educational info. Maybe you want a refresher course for your support team. Maybe you live outside of the Houston area but my style resonates with you.

The VirtualDoula Package includes:

  • 1 free consultation via video chat

  • (2) 2 hr prenatal visits via video chat

  • Periodic labor support via video chat

  • (2) 1.5 hr postpartum visits via video chat

Free Consultation

90 mins $0

This is less of an interview process, more of a meet and greet that gives us the opportunity to determine if we are a fit for one another. Partners and other members of your support team are encouraged to come! We will meet at an agreed upon quiet central location. 

The EcoDoula Package


The EcoDoula package is for the mom who needs basic doula services. Maybe you're on a budget; or maybe you're still not sure about this doula stuff; or maybe this is your 3rd pregnancy and you don't need as much support as you did before because "you got this". Well, I got you!

The EcoDoula package includes:

  • (2) 2 hour prenatal visits,

  • Full continuous labor support,

  • (2) 1.5 hour postpartum visits,

  • Phone/email/text support

The GrandDoula Package



The GrandDoula Package is for the mom who desires ultimate TLC. Maybe this is your first pregnancy and you want all the support you can get; or maybe you want each pregnancy to be a grand celebration; or maybe you know you will need much more support once you and baby are home. In any case your doula will care for you in grand fashion.

The GrandDoula Package includes:

  • (2) 2 hour prenatal visits,

  • Full continuous labor support,

  • (3) 2 hour postpartum visits,

  • Phone/email/text support

  • Choice of 20 minute hand/foot/or shoulder massage at each visit

  • Light housework to be performed by doula at postpartum visits

  • Complete errands (groceries, drug store, cleaners, post office, etc.)


The Visits

What do they entail?

Prenatal Visits: The visits are relaxing, informative, and fun. During the prenatal visits you will share your vision of your ideal birth with me and together we will create a birth plan that keeps your vision centered. 
We will practice comfort positions and other measures that will help you remain calm and reduce pain/anxiety during your labor. Prenatal visits occur at your home and last 2 hours.

Full Labor Support: Once you are in labor contact me and I will be available to you within 2 hours. I will meet you at your place of birth and provide comfort measures, boost your confidence, be a part of your birth team and will support you until baby arrives and you all are stable, comfy, and bonding happily (or sleepily).

Postpartum Visits: includes two visits at 3 days and 14 days postpartum. Postpartum visits are all about making sure that mom, baby, and support team are adjusting well in your new roles. I will assist with breastfeeding tips, scheduling your day, newborn care, breast/peri care, and addressing any questions/concerns that you have. I will also pay special attention to signs of postpartum complications such as high blood pressure, excessive swelling, or postpartum blues and/or depression. The goal is to be an extra set of eyes in between your visits with your healthcare provider and make referrals or recommendations as necessary. Postpartum visits occur in your home and last 1-2 hours. 


*Inquire here about discounts for teen and veteran moms.