The AnyaDoula Philosophy

Photo by  Kewei Hu  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kewei Hu on Unsplash


AnyaDoula has a three-fold mission.

  • Provide evidenced based information to pregnant women so they can make informed health decisions regarding their birth experience and overall health.

  • Provide nurturing support of women in a manner that is evidenced based, respectful, and culturally competent.

  • Reducing maternal and infant mortality and helping women have improved birth outcomes-especially among African-American and other women of color considering the current state of maternal health for these groups.

Photo by  Madison Grooms  on  Unsplash

Core Values

Education- To provide evidence-based information in a manner that will empower women to make safe and responsible decisions toward her desired birth experience.

Choice- To respect and support every woman's right to make choices regarding her desired birth experience.

Cultural Competence- Respect that every woman comes with ideals about birth that are usually rooted in her culture. My job is to be respectful and inclusive of every woman's culture and to incorporate her cultural requests if asked.

Holistic Care- To support every woman's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Community- To grow a community in which WOC are supported, nurtured, seen, and heard exactly as they are so they may do the same for the next generation and generations to come.


Creating a world in which EVERY  woman realizes she has the right to quality health care that is holistic and respects her full humanity.